Sunday, June 13, 2010

Licenses of 22- Private Security Agencies revoked

Licenses of 22-private security agencies revoked

LAHORE, The licenses of Private Security companies have been revoked as they have failed to provide data base details of guards, authorized number of weapons possessed by them, annual financial statement, annual performance report, list of clients, registration of guards at local police station of the area of his deployment and training of guards from Elite Police Training School, Badian Road Lahore.

The spokesman further stated that these security agencies also failed to appear before the Licensing Authority to show any cause for not revoking their licence. The security agencies whose licence have been revoked include 7th Sense Security Guards (Pvt) Ltd, Al Asad Security & Services, Al-Anik Security Management (Pvt) Ltd, Alia Security (Pvt) Ltd, Alpha Security Services (Pvt) Ltd, Blitz Security Services (Pvt) Ltd, Business Security Technology (Pvt) Ltd, Capital Techno Security (Pvt) Ltd, Comprehensive Security Services (Pvt) Ltd, Dogma Security Consultancy, Fast Security Management Services (Pvt) Ltd, Frontier Corp NWFP Security Services (Pvt), Lahore Pride Security Systems (Pvt) Ltd, Lipa Security Services (Pvt) Ltd, Lunar Security Services (Pvt) Ltd, Muqaddam Security Services (Pvt) Ltd, Panther Security & Management Services (Pvt) Ltd, Qui Vive Enterprise (Pvt) Ltd, Sabat Qadam Security Services (Pvt) Ltd, Spider Security Services (Pvt) Ltd, Spy Tech (Pvt) Ltd and Taza Dam (Pvt) Ltd, the spokesman added.

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